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Container Storage Fixed Rate Investment

We have an incredible investment opportunity now available for 2019.

Storage container leasing is similar to the process of renting an apartment. You rent it out and receive the rent every month deposited into your bank account. The only difference is: you don’t rent it to a family or a student; you rent your storage containers out to established Self Storage companies, and these rents generate a fixed 12% annual return.

You will receive the full Deed of Sale documentation in your name, as the legal and rightful owner of all containers purchased.

Every container is trackable and fully insured. All repair or replacement costs will be covered by the company leasing them.

All containers are built to full ISO-standards. As hard assets, containers do not fluctuate in value like financial assets. They will not lose their value entirely as they hold material and functional value.

The lease agreement and full purchase buyback guarantee are written into a binding contract.

Fixed Return Leasing Strategy: This is a reliable and fixed return of 12% each year. This rate is fixed, so you can be assured of the same income every quarter or every month depending on your level of investment.

Return On Investment: For GBP 3,200 of initial capital investment, you would receive GBP 384 every year.

If you have 5 containers in the investment programme, you will receive your income every month. If you have less than 5, you will receive your income quarterly. Payable to a bank of your choice and in the currency of your choice.

Information Memorandum

Triple S Secure Self Storage Investments



1.1. Introduction

1.2. Business Strategy


2.1. Investment Plans and Benefits

2.2. Term of Payment

2.3. How to make an investment

2.4. Interest Calculation

2.5. Commission



1.1 Introduction

Triple S- Secure Self Storage Ltd. (henceforth referred to as ‘Triple S’ or ‘company’), is in the business of leasing storage containers to other companies and individuals for the storage of goods.

Triple S- Secure Self Storage Ltd is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom

Location: Units 3-4 Hamlet Hill, Roydon, Essex, CM201NT

The telephone number is: 44 07534 529988

The company web address is

1.2. Business Strategy

Triple S invites interested parties to purchase storage containers and subsequently lease them to Triple S Secure Self Storage Containers, who will manage their rental. Interested parties choose this venture as an investment.

This arrangement provides benefits to investors (henceforth known as ‘investor’ or ‘container owner’), who shall receive a return equivalent to 12% of the container purchase price per annum by Triple S in renting the containers.

The arrangement benefits Triple S by raising capital through the investor’s initial payment, required to purchase the containers used in the Self Storage rental.

Each container has a unique serial number, registered by the manufacturer. This number, which is clearly visible on the unit, is used to identify the container throughout its lifespan. Triple S keeps a record of the container number and the name of the container owner in order to allocate it properly.


2.1. Investment Plans and Benefits

The investor purchases one or more shipping container. These will be purchased direct from the manufacturer so as to offer the absolute best purchase price direct from source.

Once purchased, containers are transferred to Triple S, and the investor begins his lease plan.

Triple S fixed Lease Plan: rental income equal to 12% of the purchase price paid.

Under the fixed Lease Plan, if containers have been leased to Triple S – Secure Self Storage Ltd for a minimum of 5 years, Triple S will guarantee to offer to purchase them at the full original purchase price as stated in the agreement.

This offer is optional: it is the investor’s choice to sell or not, and the offer will continue to remain valid.

If the container owner opts to sell his/her container/s before this minimum time as detailed above, Triple S will offer to buy them from the container owner at the market price.

2.2. Term of Payment

If the investor owns and leases at least five containers to Triple S, income is paid monthly. If the investor owns and leases fewer than five containers, the rental income shall be paid every quarter (every three months) in arrears.

Income is paid by direct transfer into the container owner’s nominated bank account.

Payments from Triple S to the container owner continue until the agreement between both parties has been terminated with at least one month’s prior notice.

At termination, Triple S will offer to repurchase all containers from container owner in accordance to specific conditions and prices as aforesaid.

When Triple S purchases the containers, the purchase price is paid to the container owner’s bank account within 14 days from the date of termination of the lease or within 14 days from the date when the market price is determined.

The decision to sell is entirely the container owner’s and they have the right to choose their buyer. They are encouraged to compare container prices, transportation and other costs with other market proposals.

2.3. How to make an investment

Triple S will notify investors of the current price for containers at the time that they wish to buy. Triple S will only lease containers that are suitable to be operational for the usual period of usage for storage containers.

Investors who purchase their containers through Triple S will be required to send a deposit of 20% along with initial order and documents. This deposit may be returned in full upon request at any time before Triple S accept the investor’s offer and confirm purchase and lease.

After the acceptance, the deposit will be treated as a normal deposit on a purchase, which will be deducted from total owed by the container owner when full payment is made.

2.4. Interest Calculation

(i) Ongoing Expenses For investors who enter the fixed Lease Plan… there will be no further costs, and the 12% return is guaranteed.

Any repair or replacement costs, if they should arise, shall be covered by the hirer.

(ii) Investors’ Right and Position There is no common fund present for these arrangements. Each container owner is the upright legal owner and the lease to Triple S is separate from all other leases.

The return for one investor is not dependent in any way on other investors’ returns and leases with Triple S.

The manner, in which a container is rented in the self storage market, naturally depends on a number of factors, especially the location of the unit and the prevailing demand for containers when it is available for lease. In light of this, there is no fair sharing concept between investors, with every lease contract influenced by unique circumstances.

Under the fixed Lease Plan, Triple S is responsible to pay the container owner continual income, even if their containers remain temporarily idle and not generating income for Triple S. The 12% income return is independent of the lease of the containers.

Owners are free to withdraw from the lease at any time, giving the agreed one month’s notice.

After termination of the agreement, the container will be offered to Triple S first.

2.5. Commission

Triple S takes no commission cut in relation to the sale of the containers.


Understanding the “fixed” revenue

In some documents, the 12% rental return under the fixed Lease Plan, or any other strategy, may be referred to as ‘fixed’. Investor should understand that any return is ‘fixed’ only in the sense that Triple S is obliged to pay the agreed amounts.

Ultimately, the guarantee of payment depends on the financial ability of Triple S to pay the agreed income.

The capital investment return may also be referred to as ‘fixed’, because Triple S is obliged to pay an amount equal to the original purchase price at the end of the lease. This also relies on Triple S having the means to provide this payment. If the container owner terminates a lease before the Leasing Agreement ends, Triple S is obliged to pay ‘market price’ for the container, which may differ from the original purchase price.

In these contexts, ‘fixed’ should be interpreted as payment obligation provided the payer has the means to make the agreed payments.

No Taxation Advice

Triple S does not offer guidance and advice on taxation. The duty to ensure all taxation regulations are met is the responsibility of the investor, who should seek advice from their own sources if needed.


Potential investors in storage containers should be aware of the risks under the proposed arrangements, as follows:

(a) All payments of the agreement are expressed in different currencies but not in USD, including container purchase price, leases, and income payments..

(b) It is possible that Triple S could become insolvent during the lease and be unable to pay rental income. In this event, the investor may terminate the lease and recover the container. Ownership of the container remains with the investor unless Triple S offers to repurchase it under the terms of the agreement.

(c) It is possible that a company insuring the container could become insolvent and be unable to pay fees owed for the container. The end user (hirer) of the container is required to organize insurance for the duration of their lease. Despite this, there is the unlikely possibility that such an insurer may not be able to fulfil obligations under its contract.

(d) Any relevant taxation laws in the investor’s tax locality may affect the net return for the containers. There will not, however, be any loss through taxation for the owner on the income stated for their fixed return lease strategy.

(e) Demand for storage containers is liable to deviate, thus affecting the return on their lease. The income from the fixed return Lease Plan will not be affected by this variation.

(f) The number of available storage containers for rent may increase or decrease at different times, consequently affecting the lease market.

(g) Global economic or geopolitical circumstances may change in ways which drastically affect the demand or supply for containers.

(h) If the investor requires delivery for their containers, at the start or end of their contract, they are responsible for the costs involved. This includes demurrage and storage charges.

(i) The market conditions of countries involved in the shipping/storage industry are variable, in economic, technological, political and legal terms. Changes in these areas can have impacts, either positive or negative, on the profitability of renting storage containers.

(j) Triple S may choose, at its own discretion, to renew contracts with renting parties or not to renew them on the same terms as before or otherwise.

(k) Industrial action, including strikes, may negatively influence the storage container industry and subsequently affect the income of investors.

(l) If the investor opts to terminate the lease agreement before the term of agreement which is 5 years, the payment price offered by Triple S for containers might be lower than the price the investor originally paid.


Prospective investors can obtain further information about this proposal from the website www.

Alternatively, Triple S can be contacted directly at the addresses shown at the beginning of this memorandum.

Lastly, if initial information is desired, please request so, and Triple S will send you the Sale and Leasing Agreements for your consideration.

We look forward to working with you in 2019.